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November 2020 Homeward Bound


How Coronavirus Pandemic Has Changed Our Lives 

There’s no doubt this year has been the most difficult time for all of us with no exception. In just over 7 months since the pandemic has hit us in Canada,
it has changed our lives completely in how we work, study, exercise and interact with one another in profound ways.  It has permanently changed the
way we take care of our health and hygiene, our children and our elderly parents, and our homes.  

In my work, I have the opportunity to speak to and interact with many people and families. As much as it was the most challenging period of my life at the
start of the pandemic as a solo parent and business owner, what I’ve adapted and adjusted personally and spiritually has helped me focus on becoming
more patient, compassionate and appreciative.


I hear about and feel the anxiety and stress that many people are going through. There’s a real emotional impact on our mental health.  For me I focus on
feeling thankful and appreciative for every person in my life. Building on my real estate business has impacted much more than only my life with my son.
I feel responsible to elevate the lives of our clients, team members and partners. I am extremely grateful and proud of everyone on our Team’s commitment
and dedication
 to work hard to serve our clients and families while navigating through the pandemic! I am grateful for the trust and relationship that we are
building with our clients and their families. Contributing positive energy and care to everyone we meet is truly what makes our work so rewarding. If you ever
feel down or challenged, know that I am here for you to listen and lend a hand and help in any way that I can.


unnamed 99.jpg“Maria and Rachael and their team are absolutely amazing at what they are doing. I needed to sell my
 home during these uncertain times (COVID19) and let me tell you, the two of them and their professional as well as
their remarkable team effort has made it possible that my home was sold within 4 days, above asking… have I mentioned
this was during the pandemic. Maria and Rachael have kept me in the loop throughout the process. They made sure that I
was in agreement with their planning and strategic approach before executing. This has put my mind at ease and to my great
surprise saw excellent results transpire in no time. I would recommend Maria and Rachael to anyone who is trying to sell their
home at any time. If I was staying in Canada, I would not want to do business with anyone else than Maria and Rachael and
their team, in the field of real estate. Thank you both for the great experience and personal engagement. Much appreciated and I can only hope that many of uncertain
sellers like me will read this and contact you for your professional advice and guidance during the selling process of one's home. All the best to you. 
Henry Solinger


AND Remember… YOUR Referrals Help the Kids.  

As you know, difficult times fall on many families and communities. Tragedies like health crisis and emergencies.  We aim to do what we can to help the kids and
families who are unable to stay healthy or safe in their community, so our Big mission to raise $10,000 for Plan International Canada is on!  As you probably know
Plan International Canada does great work in helping kids improve their education & health and survive crisis in their countries. And since Plan International is a
nonprofit, they depend on Sponsorships and Donations to continue their leading-edge care and keep costs down for the families of these young kids. We remain
committed to donating a portion of our income from selling homes to the great work that they do. So, YOUR REFERRALS HELP THE KIDS!

It's this compassion for giving back and helping others that inspired me to sponsor my 2 siblings in Vietnam more than 5 years ago. Thank you for supporting our
Go Serve Big mission! 

If anyone of your family or friends is considering buying or selling a home please refer them on over to my real estate sales team. We will take great care of them
for you. Not only will they benefit from our world-class service, but a very worthy cause will benefit as well. You can always call me at 416-858-9006 or forward
my number on.  

Thank you for your continuous support and your relationship means so much to me and our team and families! I hope you and your family stay well and take good care.

With all my appreciation,

Maria Ho

Maria Homes Team

iPro Realty Brokerage Ltd.

Creating Brighter Future for Sponsored Children with Plan Canada

Plan International is currently working to improve the lives of children and families. We’re doing this through increased access to essential rights like education,
clean water, health and livelihood. 8-year-old Edgar is one of these sponsored children. Just a year ago Edgar was diagnosed with leukemia – a reality that kept him
from attending school and enjoying the things he likes the most, like playing soccer with his cousins

“I couldn’t run a or play because I could break my bones,” says Edgar. “A normal day included going a lot of times to the hospital and I don’t like it when they put injections in me.”

Edgar’s mother, Dora, is a farmer and single parent who worried about her son’s future and her ability to provide the essential medicines and treatments he needed to feel less pain.

“He felt weak and worried because there were moments when they thought he couldn’t survive,” says Dora, adding that even though Edgar was afraid of the doctors and the
injections, he continued to stay brave and resilient.

Edgar has been a sponsored child for the past 5 years, and with Plan International help he’s been able to access his rights to health and receive the treatments, medicines
and supplements he needs to stay healthy, active and enjoy a brighter future.

“Plan International has given him all the milk and medicine and without their support I wouldn’t have been able to afford it.” Dora explains.

This support for children like Edgar is part of Plan programming to ensure that all children, regardless of ability, can exercise their rights to stay in school and have
happy, healthy childhood.

“Now I can play. I can run. Now I can see better. And now my legs don’t hurt,” says Edgar, with a smile.

“Now I can go to school,” he says.

With a future filled with increased hope and opportunity, Edgar has big dreams and says he wants to become a policeman when he grows up.


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